Final Thoughts

I’m heading out to go see the McCarthy movie, but here are a few final things. First of all tickets are selling exceptionally well. In the first three days, over 60 tix were sold, and numerous teams are putting their teamas together and still plan to buy, so I think we’ll have a great crowd. And yes, things will move more swiftly than in Quizzo Bowl One. I am still in negotiations with a few different acts for a halftime show. That includes the infamous Killdozer, Jr., who sent me this unprovoked e-mail a few days ago.
Dear Johnny Goodtimes,
I graciously accept your offer to perform at Quizzo
Bowl II.
You probably will not regret this decision.
Thank you.
Killdozer Jr. (Acoustic)

Finally, we need a good slang term for Benjamin Franklin in the Urban Slang Dictionary. The ones they have so far are kind of weak. See what you can do.