By now, everybody knows that Colt cornerback Nick Harper was stabbed in his knee by his wife. According to her, it was an accident. Now I have been in arguments with signifigant others. Plenty of them. And I don’t ever remember one time where, during the course of the argument, somebody might have been accidentally stabbed in the knee. But apparently I’m the only one: “What makes this different is who this person is,” the sheriff, quoted by the Star, said. “These things happen every day.” People are accidentally stabbed in the knee every day???? Where are the anti-knife coalitions? Where is the outrage?

Speaking of outrage, the referee overturn of Poliamalu’s interception in the fourth quarter of the Colts game was an absolute joke. In fact, it was such a bad call, it made those of us who have been around gamblers at least a little bit suspicious. It also made the Steeler’s Joey Porter suspicious, as he said that the refs cheated the Steelers. And he’s absolutely right. And this play came only a few plays after the refs called, for the first time in NFL history, a “do over”. They couldn’t figure out which team had jumped offsides, so they literally just pretended like it never happened. It was amazing.