Quizzolution Continues

The letters continue to come in, but in the words of the Pointer Sisters, “I need more, more, more!” (They follow that with the words, “Jump for my love”, but that line is irrelevant to our current mission.) Send a letter to Philly mag’s Larry Platt (lplatt@phillymag.com), complaining about the exclusion of Quizzo in his best of edition. Best letter gets $40 cash. Also, be sure to vote below for your least favorite Philadelphian. I really think it’s a toss up between Ed Wade and John Street, but so far Eskin has several more votes than Wade. Here’s Will Bunch’s list of the 100 people who are screwing up Philly. Finally, be sure to come up with a good title for a golf porn movie starrign Tag Ridings and Jenna Jameson. Best title gets a $15 gift certificate to Good Dog.