Happy Birthday JC Chasez! The talented N’ Sync performer, who is very talented, turns 29 today! The multi-talented mega-star, who most people have grouped somewhere between the great Jospeh Haydn and Stevie Wonder when it comes to just plain raw talent, has really turned the music world on it’s ear with a type of sound never really heard before-as well as his talent! “I don’t like to throw around terms like ‘muscial genius’ very often,” said Paul McCartney when we spoke with him this morning. “But there’s no denying Chasez his due.” B.B. King doesn’t necessarily agree. “No, JC is a very wonderful, very talented kid. But he’s no Lance Bass. Now there’s a kid who you’re going to be hearing a lot about for a long time to come.” Here is a poor, disillusioned fan who thougth it would be fun to put up a JC Chasez website, but then everybody told her it sucks, so she took it down to spite them! You go, girl. Also, it contains an email address if you would like to be her friend. Here’s a fictional story this same girl wrote about JC’s girlfriend dying called “Close My Eyes”. Unbelievable. It’s probably won some awards. This, people, is why the internet exists.