My Daily dose of egomania

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On’s list of top local celebrities, JGT was nowhere to be found, despite having won an award for that very thing only a year ago! Outrage! Commence with the burning and looting! Also, you can read about Beat the Champs on the Phillyist, a recent (and really good, I think) blog on the local scene. In my ongoing war with Larry Platt, score one for the Philly Mag editor. There were two letters to the editor in this month’s Philadelphia magazine about the absense of quizzo. He edited my name out of both letters! I’m not kidding. Congrats to Rose Muravchick and Kristie Wisniewski, whose letters were published! We’ll determine a winner of the $50 cash prize for best letter next week. Alright, I’m done ragging Philly Mag for a while. Promise. Also, congrats to Jamie, who won the $15 gift certificate to Good Dog for Porn Golf title. His “Happy to Drillmore” knocked off 2nd place “Caddy Shag” by 12% in the poll. Finally, a note to the teams who won this week: I will have your photos and stories up at the start of next week, when things are a little less crazy. Sorry about the delay, and thanks for your patience.

For info on Beat the Champs, click here.