Your tax dollars at work

Hey gang, great news. They busted some people in Philly who were dealing, get this, DEADLY MARIJUANA! That’s right, who knows how much tax money was spent on shutting down the perpetrators of this drug that kills, uh, well it doesn’t kill anyone. But it’s deadly because it causes the people who smoke it to, uh, watch Star Wars and eat Ben and Jerry’s.

These guys, who pedaled (literally) quality pot to people who called and asked for it are going to be sharing prison cells with people who have killed and maimed other human beings. To paraphrase Chris Rock, they weren’t selling the drugs. They weren’t knocking on people’s doors and telling their children to try something new. No, these were people who were actively pursued by people for their product.

“Oh, but it’s a gateway drug!” That’s like saying that a butter knife is a gateway weaopon. People are smart enough to realize that there is a difference between pot, which is not potentially fatal when ingested (unlike alcohol), and hard drugs, which are potentially fatal.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not currently a pothead. But I smoked my fair share of it in college, and I have no regrets about it. No more regrets than I have about drinking beer, which is much nore dangerous, both to oneself and to others (alcohol produces violent effects in some people, THC does not).

Does the arrest of these individuals make you feel safer? Do you think that anyone was hurt by their activities? Aren’t you glad that, since we have murder and mugging figured out and at all-time lows, that we are using our police force and our tax dollars to keep tabs on people who sell weed? Keep in mind, Merck sold Vioxx, which is a deadly drug, and I highly doubt any of them are going to prison. Alright, I’m off the soapbox, but this stuff just gets me riled up, because there is no bigger waste of time, money, and resources in this country.