Full disclosure

Fair enough. Somebody asked me why my letter to the editor of Philly Mag isn’t posted on the site. The reason is, well, because I finally just wrote it. Man, I hope it’s the best one. I really don’t feel like doling out $50. If you wanna a shot at the fifty beans (no, I’m not gonna give it to myself), then send your letter of complaint to lplatt@phillymag.com.


In your opening statement of the most recent addition of your magazine, you imply that the “Best Of” isn’t an attempt to stroke the collective egos (and wallets) of your advertisers. And then you ignore one of the few things that this city is the undisputed world capital of. We have pretzels, we have cheesesteaks, and we have QUIZZO! What other reason are we, your readers, to infer that you left this out of your “best of” edition other than that it a) isn’t advertised in your magazine? Is it b) lack of popularity? Hardly. This event has been going on for years in this city, and bars throughout the region are filled to capacity on the slowest days of the week with people anxious to test their wits against one another. Could it be c) If it doesn’t make a sound in a Stephen Starr restaurant, it doesn’t exist? Perhaps. Or is it d)a lack of awareness? I hope not. If so, I highly encourage you to change the name of your magazine, because you simply don’t know this city and you are doing it a disservice by carrying its name. I look forward to hearing your answer. This question is a weekly double, and a correct answer is worth ten points.

Johnny Goodtimes