Breakdancers signed, Get a Sneak Peek at Cowgirls

Johnny yesterday signed the breakdancers for the quizzo event of the century*. They will be part of the half-time extravaganza at Beat the Champs Spectacular. They join the Lunchbox Cowgirls, who have already signed on. Two of the members of the Cowgirls will be performing at the GhettoSongbirds WingDom Fest, which is a Rock ‘n’ Soul Music and Arts Festival this Saturday at the Halycon Gallery on 3237 Amber Street. The Show starts at 12 noon and runs all the way until Midnight. It looks pretty kool, it’s only $10, and its goal is to raise funds and awareness for the Calcutta AIDS House in North Philly. For more info click here. The Wingdom Fest will also feature a group called Tangled Thoughts, who are the most talented underground hip hop group I’ve seen in Philly.