FAQ about Beat the Champs

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Hey gang, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Beat the Champs, so I’ll try to clear a few things up.

1) Is the scavenger hunt for real?
Yes, you may earn points by embarking on a number of adventures. Remember, all pictures, tickets, etc. must be sent to Johnny by August 21. Email things to beatthechamps@yahoo.com.

2) How many players are allowed on a team?
Eight players maximum.

3) Why can’t I tell what table I’m ordering?
We’re going to do it a little bit different than last time. It’s going to be first come, first serve on the tables, just like at regular quizzo. You order the tix online, but you don’t order a specific table.

4) Will you have more graders than at Quizzo Bowl?
Yes. Lesson learned.

5. What about bellydancing?
Uh, no, there will be no bellydancing.

6. Should I plan to have dinner at the World Cafe Live that night?
Yes, they will be offering a full menu.

7. Do you really want our photos of Philly?
Yes, please send me your photos of Philly and of you and your teammates. I want to incorporate them into the show. Please send any kool, funny, or Phillycentric photos to johnny@johnnygoodtimes.com.

8. Is it going to be worth $10?
Absolutely. This is either going to be one of the most amazing shows of any kind in this city this year or it’s going to be a complete train wreck. Either way, it’s worth a measly ten bones.

9. Can I get tickets at the door?
Yes, but they will be a little more expensive. Also, keep in mind that the last show sold out and we turned away a bunch of people at the door. I would suggest ordering them online.

10. Will there be any other prizes besides the money?
Yes, there will be a few Let’s Make a Deal-like moments throughout the course of the night, with a chance to win some great prizes (and alas, some zonks).

If you have any more questions you want answered, please provide them in the comments section below.