Goodtimes Finally Gets Some Pub!

Well, after all of his bitching and whining, JGT finally got some ink. Thing is, he got it in Oregon. Do some of you grizzly old quizzo veterans remember Roy the Inquizzinator, the man who filled in while I was in Mexico? Well, he’s moved out to Oregon and started his own Quizzo empire (only he calls it quizzy), and just got a pretty good article written about him. There’s talk of his humble starts in the JGT Empire. It’s a damn shame the Oregonian has a better idea of what’s going on in this city than a magazine called Philadelphia. Which reminds me, YOU HAVE UNTIL SUNDAY TO WRITE YOUR LETTER TO THE EDITOR of Philly Magazine, complaining about the exclusion of quizzo in their best of edition. Not only will I be forever indebted to you, but the best letter gets $40 cash. Hell, let’s round up. Let’s make it $50. Just mail your letter of complaint to, and send a copy to Wanna say thanks again to the people who have written so far.