Holy Pontiffs take Early Lead in Big $ Bonanza

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The Holy Pontiffs and Six Other Guys came from behind in Round Four to take Week One of the Big $$$ Bonanza and develop an early lead. Even if you did not play in week one, you are definitely eligible to play, as I will only be taking the top five scores in the eight week tournament (which means you really only have to play five times to have a shot of winning). The winner walks with $300, in addition to the normal gift certificate prizes. Second Place gets $150, and third walks with $50. Here are the standings after Week 1.
1st Place-5 points-Holy Pontiffs
2nd Place-4 points-Johnny Makes Me Wanna Lala
3rd Place-3 points-Where’s Johnny
4th Place-2 points-The Wanderers
5th place-1 point-Bastard Children of C. Huxtable