Tonight’s contestants

There will be three contestants going on tonight, possibly for the last time. First cuts are coming this weekend. Here’s what those they learned in their first week behind the mic.
SeanBum2 (Custom).jpg
Good Dog-Jam Master Sean
I learned several kind of useful things the other
night in my first time as super quizmaster. I showed
up 15 minutes early and Johnny Goodtimes himself was
there. So I learned that I shouldn’t always show up
10 minutes late for playing quizzo without a worry of
missing anything. I learned that people seem to give
respect to the man with the microphone instead of
making them earn it. I was expecting a bit more
heckling from the crowd but all I got was “You’re no
Johnny Goodtimes”, which is kind of weak. But they’re
right. I’m not…yet. I found out that people say
“how is anyone suppossed to know that”. But then most
of them get the answers right. I found out that if
you’re only doing one round, you should pay attention
to team names before you have to try and decipher
them. This may be the most important lesson I learned
that night. And after it was all over, I found out
that O’Neal’s makes a mean margarita, the Kid is the
nicest guy around (way nicer than me) and someone else
in this city knows to ask, at certain times, “what
prime are we using”. And that’s why I like this City.
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Bards-Edge and Moose
1. How to Rock tha MIC, like a quizzo master!
2. Something I already knew, but nevertheless, the Black Sheep Burger
makes your toes curl.
3. Not everyone share the same passion for Macgyver as my circle of
4. The main thing I leaned, seriously was how to compose a good quizzo question. Really working off of the answer rather than the question, making sure that the answer is first something that would likely come into peoples minds (especially after a few drinks)!
5. More importantly, for those who haven’t read the recent “Tales of
Bobby Badtimes” I have learned that Edge, Johnny, and myself are
targets at “McGrinchy’s” and guilt by association runs deep!
Kry1 (Custom).jpg
What I learned was
that people are really good but sometimes they are
not. When they call out and make fun of you, you are
not suppose to take it seriously or cry. This was not
too much of a problem for me at the Locust Rendezvous,
all the people were very nice and kind.
But there were mean and loud people at the Bard’s on
Thursday, but they were only trying to be funny.
Also, it’s not easy writing questions because you
probably want people to like you. But the questions
can’t be too easy because then the game won’t be any