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Office vs Parks and Rec Quiz Next Month


Going to start hosting some themed quizzes at the World Cafe Live next month, and the first one is gonna be big. Parks and Rec vs The Office quiz goes down on April 23rd, and it’s gonna be wild. We’ve already sold over 50 tickets and haven’t even started promoting it yet. There’s gonna be live music, video rounds, basically a Quizzo Bowl style event about two of everyone’s favorite shows. For updates moving forward, be sure to go to the Facebook events page.

So hurry up and get a team together, the tickets are selling fast. How fast? To give you a reference point, somewhere between a snake and a mongoose. And a panther.

Game of Thrones Quizzo Results and Picture Round


We had a lot of fun at Game of Thrones quizzo on Sunday at Logan Tap House, and a great turnout. In the end, it was Comedy Central Presents: The Roast of Shireen Baratheon knocking off A Team Has No Name. They were among many great team names at the quiz, including:

  • Jawn Snow
  • Get Rich or Die Tywin
  • How I Met Your Mother of Dragons
  • Theon Greyjoy’s Meatless Mondays

A very fun quiz that included the following picture round. Answers are after the jump.


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Osage Can You See Wins All-Philly Quiz at a Packed Fleisher

photoFirst Place: Osage Can You See 119

2nd Place: Twerk Shop of the World 109

3rd Place: Violent Oakleys 100


Lebowski Quiz and Viewing on Sunday!

Screen shot 2013-08-22 at 11.32.13 AMWe’re gonna play Lebowski quizzo and watch the movie outdoors on Sunday at 5 p.m.! Hope you can join us! All of the money goes to a great cause. Please help spread the word to any of your friends that are Lebowski fans. We’d like to get a good turnout for this and raise some money for the Dude Hates Cancer. Here’s the invite page on facebook.


Mad Men Quizzo on June 30th

Good news. Mad Men isn’t over on June 23rd after all. Nope, you’re gonna get to enjoy it for a whole other week, as we’re gonna be doing a Mad Men quizzo at the Trestle Inn on June 30th.

We’ve now had a whole two more seasons since our last Mad Men quiz, so there’s a whole lot more to work with. We’re gonna see how much you know about Don, Joan, Roger, Peg, and that detestable Pete Campbell, as well as all of the other characters who have wandered into and out of the various incarnations of what was once Sterling Cooper. There will be controversy, lots of booze, and plenty of scandalous sex. And I will personally buy a pitcher of Happy Hour Whiskey Sours for whomever does the best job dressing up in Mad Men garb. Action starts at 6. Hope to see you there!

Free Lenny Dykstra Wins Sports Quiz

First Place: Free Lenny Dykstra 122

2nd Place: Get  Your Finger Out of There 107

3rd Place: Steak Em Up Goes Bowling with Andrew Bynum 90

Rocky Balboa vs. Rocky Horror Quiz This Sunday

The Rocky Balboa vs. Rocky Horror quiz goes down on Sunday. Drink specials, prizes, and a lot of fun at the Trestle Inn, starting at 8 p.m. We’ll see how well you know Ivan Drago, Frank-n-Furter, Uncle Paulie, and Riff Raff on Sunday night. Should be a very interesting quiz. And the winner gets double points in the JGTAI. See ya there!

Rocky Horror Balboa Show This Sunday

The Rocky Horror Balboa Show quiz is going down this Sunday at the Trestle Inn. “That’s great, Johnny, but what the hell does that mean?” some of you are asking. It means that we are going to do the first quiz in the history of the world that combines your knowledge of Magenta with your knowledge of Clubber Lang, your knowledge of Riff Raff with your knowledge of Uncle Paulie.  How much do you know about two of the most remarkable movies of the mid-1970s…and the ridiculous Rocky sequels since. This is gonna  be a helluva fun quiz. Hope you can make it out. Action starts at 8 p.m. See ya there!

You Could Charm the Black Off a Telegram Boy Wins Arrested Development Quiz

We had a packed house and a lot of fun at the Trestle Inn on Sunday night with our arrested . At the end of the day, You Could Charm the Black Off a Telegram Boy was able to knock off I Don’t Understand the Question and I Won’t Respond To It, 120-113. As you might imagine, one of the highlights of the evening was the team names. Here were our final scores. Make sure you check out the team names.

  1. You Could Charm the Black off a Telegram Boy 120
  2. I Don’t Understand the Question and I Won’t Respond to It 113
  3. Call Me Maebe Funke 108
  4. Hot Ham Water 102
  5. That’s Not a Vol-vo! 102
  6. Bob Loblaw Law Bloggers 98
  7. Mr. and Mrs Fingerbottom 98
  8. The Sea Ward 96
  9. The Analrapists 94
  10. The Worst Audience Participant Cirque Du Soleil Ever Had 90
  11. Egg 90
  12. Death of a Carebear 84
  13. Ike and Tina Tunas 82
  14. My Team Name Is Judge 81
  15. Tres Hermanas 72
  16. Operation: Hot Motherboy 67
  17. Teamosil Sales Reps 63
  18. Have You Ever Seen a Chicken? 46
  19. Where are the Go-Go Girls? 33
  20. Hot Cops 31

Arrested Development Quiz!

Here’s a little something to get you excited as you head into the final weekend of summer: we’re gonna do an Arrested Development quiz next Sunday, September 9th at the Trestle Inn (11th and Callowhill). Action starts at 8 p.m. More details coming next week, but just thought I’d whet your appetite. We’re gonna have such a Funke good time, you’ll think you just blue yourself!

The Wire Quizzo This Sunday

That is correct folks, we’re headed back to the street of Baltimore this weekend. Last year’s quiz on the Wire was an instant classic, and this one promises to be great as well. It’s going down this Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Trestle Inn. Drink specials, great mac n cheese, great prizes, and plenty of questions about Omar, Bunk, and Bubbles. See ya there on Sunday!

Mendelbaum Mendelbaum Mendelbaum Wins Seinfeld Quiz in Tiebreaker

  1. Mendelbaum Mendelbaum Mendelbaum 152
  2. Fleshwounds in Ithaca 152
  3. 3rd Place: Prognsis Negative 151
  4. Anti-Dentites 147
  5. Bovery 140
  6. The Second Spitters 140
  7. Death Blow 134
  8. The Sidecardigans 134
  9. Susan Ross Foundation 129
  10. 8 Ball 127
  11. Nobody Wants to See That 95
  12. A Vacation From Ourselves 85
  13. You Had Me at Meat Tornado 80
  14. Dukes of Fire Hazzards 63

Philly Quiz This Sunday

We’ve got a very fun plan for Sunday. The big time Philly Quiz is going down at the Trestle Inn (11th and Callowhill) at 6:30 p.m. Let’s see exactly how much you know about your home city: there will be questions on everything from Aramingo to Zahav, questions on everyone from Frank Furness to Frank Rizzo. Sports, history, food, you name it, I’m going to try to cover as much ground as possible. This is going to be a celebration of the city. I sense that this could very well be a 5-rounder.

Furthermore, more great drink specials this time as well. $3 local canned beers (Sly Fox Pikeland Pils, Lancaster Rumspringa, and Yuengling) and $4 for their excellent Whiskey Sour. $5 gets you a shot of whiskey and a can of PBR. Gonna be a lot of fun. Oh, and double points for the JGTSpI.

And to get you in the mood, I’ll be posting Philly trivia questions all week on twitter.

UPDATE: Start time has been moved back to 6:30 sharp. I mean, let’s face it, when I say 6 I pretty much mean 6:30 anyway, but we just wanted to make sure we gave people time to get down there after watching the Flyers game. So start time is 6:30 sharp.

Grandpa Gene Wins Mad Men Quiz at Trestle Inn

We had an awesome time at the Trestle on Sunday with our Mad Men quiz. In fact (dare I say it?) I kind of think the quiz was a little better than the premiere (was it just me, or was the premiere kind of boring?). Anyways, Grandpa Gene (above) came away with an thrilling 130-126 win over Popesack Resurrected (It was a 5 round quiz). Great bar, great drink specials, and a pretty damn fun quiz. We’re going to do an All-Philly quiz there at the end of April. Details coming soon. Here is the products round for those of you who missed it.

1. What product is promoted by comedian Jimmy Barrett?

2.  What diet cola did Pepsi make in 1963, in the show inspiring an ad that featured an Ann Margaret lookalike singing the opening number to Bye Bye Birdie?

3. Peggy’s first account is as a junior copywriter with this skin care company.

4. What airline do they advertise for right after a horrific plane crash, dropping Mohawk Air in the process?

5. What clothing company did Don give an ad featuring a nude model flashing the audience and the headline limit your exposure?

6. There were some who thought that this carmaker,  owned by General Motors, bought product placement, until Betty vomited in the car’s interior.

7. When Ken Cosgrove landed this account early in season 3, results were disastrous.

8. Perhaps the memorable pitch to date was one for this product in the season one finale, which he calls a “Time machine. It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.” (two word answer)

9. What product does Betty purchase for a dinner party, not realizing that Don had told Duck previously that Betty was the market for said product?

10.  In the famous drunken life cereal pitch in season 4, Don Pitches seven different slogans, including the one they pick. Name as many as you can for one point each.

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