Game of Thrones Quizzo Results and Picture Round


We had a lot of fun at Game of Thrones quizzo on Sunday at Logan Tap House, and a great turnout. In the end, it was Comedy Central Presents: The Roast of Shireen Baratheon knocking off A Team Has No Name. They were among many great team names at the quiz, including:

  • Jawn Snow
  • Get Rich or Die Tywin
  • How I Met Your Mother of Dragons
  • Theon Greyjoy’s Meatless Mondays

A very fun quiz that included the following picture round. Answers are after the jump.



  1. Lysa Arryn
  2. Jory Cassel
  3. Robb Stark
  4. Oberyn Martell
  5. Shae
  6. Viserys Targareyen
  7. Ros
  8. Joffrey


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