Mad Men Quizzo on June 30th

Good news. Mad Men isn’t over on June 23rd after all. Nope, you’re gonna get to enjoy it for a whole other week, as we’re gonna be doing a Mad Men quizzo at the Trestle Inn on June 30th.

We’ve now had a whole two more seasons since our last Mad Men quiz, so there’s a whole lot more to work with. We’re gonna see how much you know about Don, Joan, Roger, Peg, and that detestable Pete Campbell, as well as all of the other characters who have wandered into and out of the various incarnations of what was once Sterling Cooper. There will be controversy, lots of booze, and plenty of scandalous sex. And I will personally buy a pitcher of Happy Hour Whiskey Sours for whomever does the best job dressing up in Mad Men garb. Action starts at 6. Hope to see you there!

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