The Questions So Far

I know some of you don’t have facebook because you’re weird or you are hiding something from Big Brother. So I will post the questions I’ve asked so far for “You Supply the Answers Week” and feel free to shoot me an email (Johnny @ with your responses. (Or, if you do have facebook and haven’t answered them yet, just go here and answer on the facebook page.) I’ll have more questions posted tomorrow.

Who are your favorite three actresses?

What are the 3 best shows of the 2000s besides Mad Men and The Wire?

Who is the most overrated musician/band on earth?

What are your favorite 3 comedy films of all time?

Who are your 3 favorite American rock bands of all time?

What is your favorite island you’ve ever been to?

Who is your favorite comedian?

What are your 3 favorite American cities you’ve ever visited?

What are the stupidest/worst 3 songs you’ve ever heard?


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