Sofa Kingdom Wins Fall Brawl

IMG_1058A great night at the East Falls Marketplace on Saturday, as the Sofa Kingdom came from behind in the final round to defeat Lambda and the Champs, 110-97-97. Lambda won the tiebreaker. Every bar on the JGT circuit was represented with the exception of O’Neals. The Kingdom, who saw the return of The Swan, found themselves down four going into the final round, but aced the final round to cruise to the win. Lambda finished 2nd after a tiebreaker. In a move that made many recall Deion Sanders playing for the Braves and the Falcons in the same day, Steve-O of Lambda hopped back and forth between the playing field and the keyboard, where he jammed on the keyboard between rounds. 

I want to thank the East Falls Marketplace for having us, want to thank all of the teams for making their way out to a new spot, and want to thank Sly Fox for supplying us with their terrific beer. 

Final results and pics of all the teams after the jump. 

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The Fall Brawl at the East Falls Marketplace

leavesOk, kids, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The Fall Brawl is being held at the East Falls Marketplace. Here are the deets.

Tickets: $20, at the door. Includes Sly Fox beer, quizzo, and entertainment. (Bring a couple of ones, to tip your bartender.) There will be food for sale at the Marketplace. 

Why the East Falls Marketplace? In addition to just being a really cool space to do an event, it also has a lot of history that apply to us nerds. It was the home of the UNIVAC computer.

What’s the entertainment: In addition to quizzo, Steve-O is going to performing between rounds. That’s right, keyboard versions of all of your favorite Styx songs!

What else is going on at the East Falls Marketplace: Before the quiz, there is a beer tasting starting at around 3 p.m. and a slot car exhibition going on all day. 

Where: East Falls Marketplace, 3747 Ridge Avenue. You either have to go to Route 1, turn right and make an immediate right onto Ridge (Marketplace will then be on your left almost immediately) or go through the East Park by the Strawberry Mansion Bridge and come out and make a left onto Ridge.

Prizes: Winner walks with $250 cash. 2nd Place walks with $125. 

Rules: Regular quizzo rules apply. Up to 8 people on a team. 4 rounds. Ten Questions. No electronic devices. Hope to see ya Saturday! If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me.