Sofa Kingdom Wins Fall Brawl

IMG_1058A great night at the East Falls Marketplace on Saturday, as the Sofa Kingdom came from behind in the final round to defeat Lambda and the Champs, 110-97-97. Lambda won the tiebreaker. Every bar on the JGT circuit was represented with the exception of O’Neals. The Kingdom, who saw the return of The Swan, found themselves down four going into the final round, but aced the final round to cruise to the win. Lambda finished 2nd after a tiebreaker. In a move that made many recall Deion Sanders playing for the Braves and the Falcons in the same day, Steve-O of Lambda hopped back and forth between the playing field and the keyboard, where he jammed on the keyboard between rounds. 

I want to thank the East Falls Marketplace for having us, want to thank all of the teams for making their way out to a new spot, and want to thank Sly Fox for supplying us with their terrific beer. 

Final results and pics of all the teams after the jump. 

IMG_10562nd Place: Lambda 97

IMG_10513rd Place: Rob’s Zombies 97

IMG_10574th Place: L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 94

IMG_10525th Place: Quiz on Your Face 69

IMG_10556th Place: Black Sheep 65

IMG_10547th Place: The Barstool Racers 50


2 thoughts on “Sofa Kingdom Wins Fall Brawl

  1. Knew I was forgetting something. Watching a baseball game with Smackdown results in a remarkable foggy brain the next day. Posting all of these pics and results is a testament to my professionalism. A lesser quizmaster would have stayed in bed all day.

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