Did Man Actually Land on the Moon?

In a conspiracy crazed culture, where a fairly high percentage of Americans think that the Mob killed JFK, where Tupac and Elvis live in South America, and where people believe that the Bush administration was behind 9/11, it is no surprise that many Americans do not believe that man landed on the moon, but that the entire thing was filmed on a Hollywood backlot. In fact, if you google moon landing, the first thing that comes up is Apollo Moon Landing hoax conspiracy theories on wiki. Here is a great piece in Wired from 1994 about the Conspiracy theories. Then again, why come up with a fantastic fake story when the “official story” is pretty daggone cool.  You’ll enjoy this piece by National Geographic about the moon landing. And please keep in mind, if you do think the moon landing was fake, don’t hassle Buzz Aldrin about it, or he may pop you in the grill. So what do you think? Did Neil, Buzz and Michael actually land on the moon?