Did Man Actually Land on the Moon?

In a conspiracy crazed culture, where a fairly high percentage of Americans think that the Mob killed JFK, where Tupac and Elvis live in South America, and where people believe that the Bush administration was behind 9/11, it is no surprise that many Americans do not believe that man landed on the moon, but that the entire thing was filmed on a Hollywood backlot. In fact, if you google moon landing, the first thing that comes up is Apollo Moon Landing hoax conspiracy theories on wiki. Here is a great piece in Wired from 1994 about the Conspiracy theories. Then again, why come up with a fantastic fake story when the “official story” is pretty daggone cool.  You’ll enjoy this piece by National Geographic about the moon landing. And please keep in mind, if you do think the moon landing was fake, don’t hassle Buzz Aldrin about it, or he may pop you in the grill. So what do you think? Did Neil, Buzz and Michael actually land on the moon?

10 thoughts on “Did Man Actually Land on the Moon?

  1. My favorite conspiracy sub-theory is that the cast and crew of Capricorn One (a movie about a fake Mars landing) discovered the truth about the moon landing, and one – O.J. Simpson – was framed for murder to stop him from talking and scare the rest.

  2. Well, you know, my favorite conspiracy theory, LOL, is the one about how the U.S. invaded Iraq because George Bush decided to lie about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction because he wanted to invade Iraq for no other reason than because he could, or maybe because his old man had invaded Iraq and he wanted to upstage the old man, or because he was an Evangelical Christian and invading Iraq would institute the “Final Days,” or because Karl Rove wanted to invade Iraq because that would make Americans fearful and thereby guarantee continued Republican rule, or because Dick Cheney was the former CEO of Halliburton and invading Iraq would guarantee Halliburton lucrative contracts and drive up the value of the stock that he didn't own anymore, or something or other kind of conspiracy, but you can be sure that those evil Republicans were lying about something or other, and had some kind of conspiracy or other, because that's the kind of bastards those Republicans are. (Never mind that the whole fucking Western world agreed that Iraq either had those WMD's or was actively pursuing them.) And this conspiracy about evil Bushies is really real and is not to be confused with laughable conspiracies about such nonsense as Moon landings being filmed in Hollywood lots somewhere or UFO's or stuff like that. That stuff is just silly and only retards believe silly crap like that. Har har har!

  3. Uh, bob? There's a little thing called a paragraph break that you might want to look into; some of them could have it possible to actually read your little rant. Here, I'll show you an example after this sentence.

    Also, have you checked your meds recently? Because usually there's something to trigger your insane meltdowns, instead of popping out of nowhere like that.

  4. Uh, JMP? Why do you always start your posts with that silly affectation, “Uh, bob”? It's as if you're about to state something that is self-evident and obvious when it is always anything but. Uh, sorry, JMP, but your beliefs are the ones based on irrational easily-refuted nonsense such as conspiracies by Republican politicians. No big jump there to a belief in moon landings filmed on movie sets.

  5. Don't patronize me, shithead. You're the one who believes silly nonsensical bullshit, such as that a government takover of the health care industry is going to reduce costs and make the industry more efficient, or that the recent 787 billion dollar stimulus bill is actually going to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment and isn't simply a massive handout to a variety of favored Democratic constituencies, or that Obama isn't going to raise taxes but is going to give everybody a tax cut, except, of course, those evil rich people The belief that the moon landings were a hoax is eminently believable compared to those whoppers.

  6. There,there bob; you should relax, and imagine a calm place, so that you can overcome your little anger problem.

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