Last Week’s Top Scores

Congrats to the Sofa Kingdom, who scored the first ever perfect score. Here are all of the scores for this past week.

  1. Sofa Kingdom 52
  2. Cool Cats and Kittens 50
  3. Hallmark Hot 49
  4. Expired Walmart Meat 49
  5. It’s All Pipes 48
  6. Shaved My Legs for This 47
  7. Covidiots 44
  8. Hangin’ Tough 44
  9. Smartinis 44
  10. Au Bon Pandemic 43
  11. Underground Bard 43
  12. OK Doomers 43
  13. Quick Question 42
  14. Chasing Olive 41
  15. Pop Fit Studio 41
  16. Yacht Rock 41
  17. We Get it You Watched Tiger King 40
  18. The Quaranteam 40
  19. L Ron Hubbard 39
  20. El Tigre 39
  21. Tuesday Night Quizzo Club 38
  22. Schmitt O’Honey 38
  23. Carole’s Husband 38
  24. 1666 37
  25. Is Quarantine Over Yet 37
  26. Cark in a Whig 37
  27. Self Contained Hootenanny 36
  28. Together Alone 34
  29. Happy Birthday Adam 34
  30. COVID Baskin 34
  31. Jawn of the Dead 33
  32. Socially Distant 32
  33. Quarenteners 30
  34. 1 Team 1 Dream 30
  35. Bourbon Brothers 30
  36. Meat Sweats 27
  37. Not Last Place 27
  38. Below Basic 27
  39. Funemployment 24
  40. Core-intine 22

On to the Elite Eight!

And then there were eight. The first and most notable fact is that four of them are Locust Rendezvous regulars: Zodiac Killer, The Jams, Synchronized Trampoline, and Babysitters Fight Club. The Social Distance Warriors rep O’Neals and Duane’s World reps Founding Fathers. Careless Fister is a crew from my old North Star days, and Lamination Station reps Birra. It’s been a hell of a run, and we’ll wrap the tourney up next week. Sign ups start tmrw. Thank you, everyone, and look forward to more hijinks next week!

Sign Ups For This Week!

Alright gang, you can now sign up for this week’s virtual quizzo here. Almost everyone who plays it once plays it again. If you haven’t played it yet, it’s fairly simple: you and your team meet with a quizmaster in Zoom. He goes through the questions, you guys discuss and your captain gives the QM the final answer. It’s kind of like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire except that there’s like 5 or 6 of you. Oh, and there’s no millions. But there is a lot of fun. Hope to see ya this week!

Yacht Rock, Not Last Place Top Scores in Other Action

The tourney isn’t the only game in town, as we’ve also got our regular season matchups. Shout outs to Yacht Rock and Not Last Place for top scores this past week.

  1. Yacht Rock 47
  2. Not Last Place 47
  3. Underground Bard 46
  4. Pearls of Wisdom 44
  5. Core-entine 43
  6. Expired Walmart Meat 40
  7. Pop Fit Studio 39
  8. Below Basic 38
  9. 1666 & All That 38
  10. Divine Nonchalance 38
  11. Mad Princes 38
  12. The Quarantiners 37
  13. Cool Cats & Kittens 37
  14. The Smartinis 36
  15. El Tigre 35
  16. My, My, My Corona 35
  17. OK Doomers 33
  18. Pietro’s Return 33
  19. The Covidiots 32
  20. Hangin’ Tough 32
  21. Quick Question 31
  22. Team Tom v Team Darcy 31
  23. Together Alone 28
  24. Testes Factory 28
  25. AB- 27
  26. Jawn of the Dead 25

On to the Sweet 16!

Wow! What a Round Two! This is what #Aprilmadness is all about. The #1 overall seed falls to the legendary Jams team that critics said was past its prime. Duane’s World and Sofa Kingdom, the two winningest teams in JGT quizzo history, in a 51-50 battle for the ages, determined on the final question. Tiger Queens, the 46th seed out of 48, advancing to the Sweet 16. The Zodiac Killer missing one question in Round One and then not missing another one. You want narratives? We got narratives. On to the Sweet 16 this week!

Can We Talk About Wrestlicious for a Second?

As I told several teams this week, I stumbled down a wormhole of awesomeness this past week. The TV was on on this past Sunday with nobody really watching it. Some awful rerun was on called “Lottery Changed My Life”. Mostly just morons talking about how they spent their lottery winnings on a car or some dull shit. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, it took a turn. A 19 year old named Jonathan Vargas won $35 million in a Powerball lottery in 2008. But unlike the other bozos who all bought cars and McMansions and other boring shit, Jonathan decided to blow his cash on something entirely different: a female wrestling league. It was a terrible investment, and an even worse product. The rap promo above was almost certainly the worst rap song ever recorded (other than pretty everything that Post Malone has ever done.) The production quality made GLOW look like Les Miserables. Vargas became a “character” in his own production: JV Rich, who in various skits regularly had the Wrestlicious girls hanging out with him at his mansion. In other words: HE DID EXACTLY WHAT I WOULD HAVE DONE WITH THE MONEY IF I HAD WON THE LOTTERY AT AGE 19. The league lasted one year, and after that and a couple of other bad investments, JV Rich was flat broke. But who cares. In 100 years, nobody will care about a car or a mansion, but Wrestlicious is FOREVER. Shout out to JV Rich! If you want a more complete history of the league, this video is well worth 10 minutes.

Virtual Quizzo This Week!

We’re back at it for another week, and we’ve got some openings for new teams to get involved. For those of you who haven’t played, this is a great way for you and your friends to hang out, have a few laughs, and play some trivia. About 80%-85% of teams that play one week come back again to play the next. Just a lot of fun, and the thing that separates this from the regular quiz is that people can play from ANYWHERE. Last week, we had players in Virginia Beach, Pittsburgh, Oregon, and even Japan. So if you want to do something fun with friends, family, or old college roommates, this is a great opportunity to do so. Hope to see ya this week!

Updated Scores! (Now Even More Updated!)

Well folks, here they are, your brackets after Round One. Some MONSTER upsets in Round One. The three lowest seeded teams in the tourney all won.

The Nerd Region is setting up to see some instant classics in Round Two, as the legendary Jams take on the brash young upstart (and top overall seed) Boyz II Menehune. Menawhile, No I in COVID, featuring two players playing first thing in the morning live from Japan, advanced to take on Carole Baskin’s Husband.

While the Nerd Region is considered the toughest in the tourney, it was the Geek Region that put up the big scores this week. Lambda, Queefer Sutherland, and Evil Knieval all scored 43 or more to advance to the next round.

The Dork Region was about defense, but it did feature our most thrilling matchup of round one, as the Missing Heads edged the Underground Bard in a thriller, 45-44.

In the Dweeb Region, the Tiger Queens pulled off a monster upset with a 35-32 win over 19 seed FFSF. The Tuesday Night Quarantine Team knocked off the Quarantiners in another thriller, 40-39, and moves on to battle Covid’s Metamorpheses.

Teams that advance will play with Carl and I next week, but teams that do not, don’t worry…we’ll still have openings with J Michael, Chip, and Pat. The saga continues. If you’re posting about the tourney on your socials, please be sure to tag me (@johnnygoodtimes on twitter, Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo on Facebook, and @jgtquizzo on Instagram) and use the hashtag #AprilMadness.

Finally, planning on doing another quiz on Sunday night that everyone can play. I’ll have more details soon. Probably be on the facebook page. See ya soon!

Meet the Virtual Quizmaster: J. Michael DeAngelis

Profession: Writer/Actor/Podcaster

List three of your favorite places in Philly. Citizens Bank Park, Monk’s Cafe, The Academy of Music

What one album would you want with you on a desert island? The Who – Quadrophenia

What reality show would you be an absolutely terrible contestant on? Reality TV is an anathema to our society. Except for Chopped and Project Runway.

What would be your theme music if you were a professional wrestler? The Overture to “Candide”

What famous person do people tell you that you look the most like? Jack Black – though one time I got Russell Crowe (in his prime), so I’ll go with that.

What would be your dream job? I already have it. I just wish I got paid for it.

What was the worst job you ever had? Kid’s birthday party host at a movie theater in North Jersey

What show/movie/series should people be watching while quarantined? Twin Peaks, Better Call Saul. If you haven’t given yourself over to the MADNESS that is “Cats” – there’s no better time than now. Just accept it and let it wash over you.

What’s your favorite dessert? Cannoli

J Michael hosts every Wednesday and Thursday night. Signups for next week are coming this weekend.

Updated Scores

Alright, some things starting to crystallize after two nights of quizzo. Congrats to the Jams, the first ever official winners in the tourney (and to the Testes Factory, the first ever official losers!). The Jams will have their work cut out for them in Round Two, as they take on the best team in the tourney, Boyz II Menehune. But Phil of the Jams is a quizzo legend and a former Quizzo Bowl champ. If you’re the Boyz, you’re not getting to face a cupcake in your first game.

Vaughn Hebron also marched past Alone Together and will now take on the Zodiac Killer. A promising matchup between two extremely experienced teams.

Lots of games on the line tonight. Below Basic tries to pull the upset over Queefer Sutherland, the Tiger Queens try to knock off an FFSF team that disappointed with only a 32, and the Tuesday Night Quizzo Club and the Quarintiners go head to head. There’s no I in COVID tries to sneak past the Meat Sweats score of 30, Not Last Place needs to score 39 to surpass Chasing Olive, and Socially Distant needs 37 to sneak past OK Doomers. Good look to all of tonight’s teams!

Meet Your Virtual Quizmaster: Chip Chantry

Profession: Comedian/Writer

What are three of your favorite places in Philly? Mr. Martino’s, Upstairs at Fergie’s, Sedgley Woods.

What one album would you want with you on a desert island? Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It in People

What reality show would you be an absolutely terrible contestant on? Johnny Goodtimes’s Partner on Amazing Race. We would literally die during the first episode.

What would be your theme music if you were a professional wrestler? Adele’s “Someone Like You”

What famous person do people tell you that you look the most like? Will Ferrell

What would be your dream job? ONLINE TRIVIA HOST!

What was the worst job you ever had? ONLINE TRIVIA HOST!

What show/movie/series should people be watching while quarantined? Wild Wild Country on Netflix

What’s your favorite dessert? Anything that I don’t have to share with my wife, who I love very much.

You can book a quiz with Chip here!

Quizzo Update for April 7th

Yes, the tourney is underway. HOWEVER, it’s not all about the brackets. If it’s about seeing your friends and having some fun, then I’ve got some good news; we’ve still got slots available. Chip Chantry has openings on Tuesday at 7:45 and 8:30, Wednesday at 9:15 pm, and Thursday at 7, 7:45, and 9:15. J Michael has an opening Thursday at 7:45. AND I’ve just added Philly comedian Pat House to the mix, with openings on Wednesday at 7, 7:45, and 8:30.

It’s a fun quiz this week, just a general trivia theme. And I’ve got a great team of quizmasters assembled. You’ll learn more about them soon.