Sunday Night Quizzo

We are going to be raising money once again for the Young Fathers United. We raised $85 for them this past Sunday, let’s see if we can get over $100 this Sunday. As always the quiz is free, though we do encourage a donation, as it helps out our fellow Philadelphians in need.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far…Since we started in late March, Sunday Night Quizzo Lab has raised over $2000 for orgs such as PPEHRC, the Anderson Monarchs, and Nourished. Furthermore, with $20 of each teams buy in for SUMMER SLAM going to PPEHRC, we just raised another $1000 for them this week. If anyone wants to go beyond donating to the quiz, and instead wants to volunteer for any of the wonderful organizations that we’re fundraising for, shoot me a line (johnny at and I’ll get you in touch with the right people.

Wanna sign up for this Sunday? You can do so here.

Our theme this week: MOVIES.

Play the Sunday Quiz, Promote Charity for Young Dads

Carl’s gonna take the reins on Sunday night for this week’s quiz. Which, as several of you have rubbed in my face lately, is JUST FINE. If I hear one more time, “Carl would have given us credit for that” or “Carl’s quiz is so much more fun” I’m going to lose it. Jerks.

Anyways, if you want to sign up for a special Father’s Day edition of the quiz, you can do so here. I’m psyched about the charity we’re raising money for on Sunday as well. Young Fathers United works with young fathers in the Philadelphia area, some of whom have never had a father figure in their own lives but who want to be good dads. 50% of tips this Sunday night will go to YFU.

I spoke with the gentleman who runs the organization, Archye. They run three 13-week programs each year and he told me that due to COVID, funding was becoming an issue, and he was incredibly thankful that we were reaching out. If you’d like to donate and aren’t playing the quiz you can still donate by venmoing me at @jgtquizzo and posting YFU in the note, or you can go directly to their website and donate there.

Last week our baseball quiz raised over $600 for the Anderson Monarch baseball program, we raised $200 for the Nourished Nurse Program at Penn, and we have raised over $1000 for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights campaign in the past three months. I cannot thank you guys enough for your generosity! I’m pretty damn lucky to be surrounded by such an awesome group of people. (Except for those of you who heckle me about Carl. Come on, he’s not THAT good. Geez.)

Sunday Night Signups for May 24

Sign ups for the Sunday Night Lab is now live. Each week we try out new types of rounds, scoring systems, etc. It’s free to play, and we donate 50% of tips to charity. The charity we’re donating to this week is Nourished, who provide healthy meals to over 1300 memebers of frontline hospital workers while also supplying business to local restaurants. It’s a great way to show our support for true Philly essentials while also helping our friends in the restaurant biz, so I was excited to partner with them. (If you’d like to donate without playing, contact Ryan at Hope to see you Sunday night!

Sunday Night Sign Ups!

We’ve been having a lot of fun with the Sunday night quiz! A bit different than our regular quiz during the week, as all the players gather in one room, then when each round ends head off to breakout rooms where they confer with their teammates. We also feature a video round from Chip Chantry each week. We do two on Sunday nights, one with me hosting AT 7 PM and one with Carl at 8:30. We’re bumping up the number of teams each week, and this week will go up to 20 teams deep. It’s totally different questions than the one during the week, so everyone is welcome to sign up and play. Hope to see ya Sunday!