Latest Spot in the Pizza Hunt: Chuck E. Cheese

My little brother Steve, Chip Chantry, and I decided to hit up the Chuck E. Cheese located near Columbus Boulevard on Snyder last week to try their pie. How was the pizza? What kind of videogames did they have? Why shouldn’t men drink out of straws? Find out by watching the video. If you’d like to know more about Chuck E. Cheese, just watch this sweet commerical.
Homeslice in Northern Liberties.

Marra’s in South Philly.

Mamma Mia at 15th and Spruce.

Pizza Places Still to Hit

pizza-page2Alright, here is a list of places I am still planning to hit this summer as part of our Great Pizza Hunt.  I’m taking reservations for lunch dates. Holler at me if you want in.

  • Dock Street
  • Osteria
  • LaRosa’s
  • Tacconelli’s
  • Tony’s
  • Slice
  • Cooper’s
  • Earth Bread and Brewery
  • Mama Palma’s
  • Gian Franco’s
  • La Fuorno
  • DeLorenzo’s (Trenton)
  • Celebre’s
  • SoHo’s

Anywhere else I am missing? Let me know in the comments.

The Pizza Hunt Continues at Homeslice

Steve-O and I made our move on Saturday to Homeslice, located on Liberties Walk in Northern Liberties. Now, some people have whined about the Liberties Walk thing in Philly, to which I can only say:  you are whining for the mere purpose of whining. Get over it. If you don’t like it, take your ironically tight jeans and clown makeup somewhere that better fits your Communist sensibilities. Pyongyang perhaps. Liberties Walk is unlike anything else in Philly, and unique spots are a good thing. Anyways, where were we? Ah yes, Homeslice, located on Liberties Walk. One thing I’d be remiss to mention is that we gave our reviews right after eating, and then later interviewed the owners. And they were right: pizza often makes me feel sluggish, but this pizza did not. So kudos for a healthy pie. But does healthy pie make for a great pie? Watch the video and find out.
PREVIOUSLY: The Sandman and I check out Marra’s.

PREVIOUSLY: Ginger and I go to Mamma Mia’s.

The Great Pizza Hunt 2009 Continues at Marra’s

The Sandman and I checked out Marra’s at 1734 East Passyunk. A South Philly staple, Marra’s has been around since Salvatore and Chiarina Marra opened it in 1927. The couple had moved to the United States, as legend has it, with but “a single coin in his pocket and a dream to provide a better life to his family.” Well, it’s 2009, and Marra’s is still going strong. The Sandman and I got a little crazy with our toppings. See how it turned out in the video above.

The Pizza Hunt Begins at Mamma Mia!

The Lovely Ginger and I kicked off the 2009 Pizza Hunt at Mamma Mia’s on 15th and Spruce. In addition to the Tomato Pie you see us eat here, I had the BBQ and she had the veggie. Both were solid choices, but it was the Tomato Pie that really gets top billing.  As for the grading, we grade on a 5 pepperoni scale. Here’s how they rank.

  • 5 pepperoni’s-The Perfect slice, perfect atmosphere, perfect service. Almost impossible.
  • 4 pepperonis-An excellent slice, great atmosphere, impeccable service.
  • 3 pepperonis-A very good slice, very good atmosphere, great service.
  • 2 pepperonis-A decent slice, not a whole lot of atmosphere, decent service.
  • 1 pepperonis-Move on, there’s nothing to eat here.

You can use halves, so a 4.5 would be almost perfect in every way, a 3.5 is great in every way, etc. (I am a tough grader. Only three out of 25 places even scored a 4 last time.) Judging the first one was a challenge, as it sets the tone for the rest, and so it probably gets graded tougher, but Mamma Mia’s was up to the challenge. Meet Mamma Mia’s owner, Sal, and see how his pie fared by watching the video. And let me know if you wanna grab and judge pizza soon.