Quizzo This Week

Fun question this week at quizzo: In Philly it’s called pork roll. What do they call it in New Jersey? They call it Taylor Ham. That’s because it was invented by the man pictured above, John Taylor, in 1856. It was officially called Taylor Ham until 1906, when the FDA determined that it wasn’t technically a “ham” so they had to change the name, which they did to “pork roll”.

But old habits die hard, and people in Trenton (where Taylor was Mayor) refused to roll with the punches. And so, in much of Southern Jersey it’s called Taylor Ham, while in Philly and North Jersey it’s typically called “pork roll”. Obama actually referenced it when he spoke at Rutger’s commencement: “I come here for a simple reason – to finally settle this pork roll vs. Taylor Ham question…I’m just kidding…There’s not much I’m afraid to take on in my final year of office, but I know better than to get in the middle of that debate.”

Here’s this week’s lineup, and yes the Sixers game will be on tonight at Loco Pez and Wednesday at Dock Street.


Loco Pez 7 PM


Founding Fathers 8 PM


Dock Street 8 PM


Deli at Dwell 7 PM

Birra 8 PM

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