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Last week we had the question, “What Italian explorer is honored with a bridge connecting Staten Island and Brooklyn?” The correct answer is Giovanni da Verrazzano. Which leads to one of those great wiki paragraphs about 16th century explorers, all of whom seem to end under horrific circumstances:

There are conflicting accounts of Verrazzano’s demise. In one version, during his third voyage to North America in 1528, after he had explored Florida, the Bahamas, and the Lesser Antilles, Verrazzano anchored out to sea and rowed ashore, probably on the island of Guadeloupe. He was allegedly killed and eaten by the native Caribs. The fleet of two or three ships was anchored out of gunshot range, and no one could respond in time. However, older historical accounts suggest that Verrazzano was the same person as the corsair Jean Fleury, who was executed for piracy by the Spanish at Puerto del Pico, Spain.

Killed and eaten by the natives or possibly executed for piracy by the Spaniards. Both equally horrific ways to go. And look at you, sitting over there, complaining about inflation. We’ve become soft! Anyways, congrats on the bridge, Giovanni. Here’s our schedule.


Loco Pez 7 PM


Founding Fathers 8 PM


Dock Street 8 PM


Deli at Dwell 7 PM

Birra 8 PM

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