The Founding Fathers Winter Freeze Begins Tonight!

Kicking off the New Year with a fun little tourney at Founding Fathers. Here’s how it’s going to work, for teams who want to participate:

  • It lasts 5 weeks, between now and January 31st
  • No cost to enter; if you play 3 or more times between today and January 31st, you’ll be automatically entered
  • It’s a regular quiz (if you only play once this month, it’s totally fine, you just won’t be entered into the Freeze)
  • Over those 5 weeks, we’ll take teams top 3 scores and average them together.
  • If you play 5 times, we take your top 3 scores, and if you play 3 times we take all 3 scores. So if you miss a week, no problem.
  • After the first 3 weeks, we’ll start posting the scores here.
  • We’ll do our scoring online (much easier to track that way).
  • If you play, use the same team name (or one very similar) each week.
  • Winning team will win a flatscreen TV (one per team, not per person, LOL, how you decide which team member is the winner of it is up to you) and a $100 gift card (on top of your weekly winnings). 2nd Place will get $50, and 3rd will win assorted prizes.

Great way to kick off the year and have fun doing it. Action starts tonight at 8 PM. Hope to see ya there for our first quiz of 2023!

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