Quizzo Updates

We start on Wednesday, with a quiz in Wayne at 7:30 and the weekly Dock Street quiz (hosted by Carl) at 8 PM. The Wayne quiz has been a hit. On to Birra on Thursday at 8 PM. (I’ll be hosting at the Fitler Club). Next week I’m on vacation, but Carl will be rocking out at Dock Street and Birra.

I am still trying to line up two more weekly quizzes, and have some very interesting coals in the fire, but TBH the extreme shortage of staff at pretty much every bar in the city is a killer for quizzo. I’m hoping that the fall will bring some semblance of normalcy to the situation. BUT even if it doesn’t, we’ve got some good news; Fall Brawl II is coming in September. We’ll have details coming soon, but a similar deal to last year. Divisions, head to head matchups, the whole works. I’m getting excited about it. It’s like fantasy football except we’re the players.

And of course we are always available for birthday parties, wedding parties, and special events, either virtual or in person. Click here to learn more.

Hope to see ya this week!

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