Phil Spector, The Woman Who Gave Us the Eagles, and Dolphin Training

Been doing a lot of podcasting lately. We’ve taken a bit of a break from The Philly Blunt but are planning to launch a new season in September. However, I actually talked to Chip twice last week, had some fun with Nat talking about a question from our quizzo two weeks ago, and had a great time talking to Upton Bell, son of Eagles founder Bert Bell.

Went on Chip’s “I Love Rock n Roll” show to discuss Phil Spector. This was a lot of fun. I sorta knew who Spector was, but mostly I just knew that he made some great music and then showed up for his murder trial with a giant afro. Turns out he was an awful, awful guy. A genius but a psycho too.

I also went on Chip’s Junk Miles show last week to talk about my bizarre career. From dolphin training to quizzo to t-shirts to ultimate frisbee. This is the most in depth interview I’ve ever done about this stuff, so if you wanna know how what dolphin training was like or how I stumbled into quizzo, this is worth a listen.

Nat and I have started back on our Worthless Knowledge podcast, where we do a deep dive on a quizzo question each week. For our latest one we talked about the only man to win a gold medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Eddie Eagan grew up poor, married into the Colgate family, boxed his way around the world, and decided on a whim to join the 1932 Olympic bobsled team. Crazy story.

Over at Shibe, I had the honor of sitting down with Upton Bell, the son of Eagles founder Burt Bell. This was a rollicking good time, as Upton had stories for days about the early days of the league. One fun fact we learned; it was really his mother, a vaudeville star, who made the Eagles a reality moreso than his father.

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