Congratulations to Smells Like Quarantine Spirit!

Smells Like Quarantine Spirit held off a couple of feisty challengers to come away with a win at the Fall Brawl on Sunday. After a disappointing 82 in the Semis that barely got them in as the 8th team, they turned on the afterburners in this one and had a perfect 45 in the Impossible Round, allowing them to slip past the Very Stable Geniuses who led after three. It was back to back wins for the SLQS, who also won the Summer Slam. The quiz featured a 50/50 round that gave people fits and an epic picture round that we’ll post later. I’ll be ordering their title belts this week. Here were the final scores:

  1. Smells Like Quarantine Spirit 98
  2. Underground Bard 91
  3. Very Stable Geniuses 91
  4. Expired Walmart Meat 90
  5. FFSF 89
  6. L. Ron Hubbard 85
  7. Queefer Sutherland 78
  8. Yacht Rock 77

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