Time for The SUMMER SLAM!

Alright folks, time to move on to our next hare-brained scheme! It’s called SUMMER SLAM 2020 and the breakdown is as follows:


  • GAMES: 8-week regular season, starting the week of June 22nd. You can play every week, but only need to play 5 times to qualify for regular season prizes and/or the culminating event on Sunday, August 16th.
  • FORMAT: All regular season games will be in the single-team format- just you and your quizmaster, at evening times of your choosing Monday through Friday. The August 16th SUMMER SLAM! event will be in the breakout-room format.
  • PRICE: $280/team for the 8-week regular season (which averages out to $35 per game). 
  • SIGN-UPS: quick & easy via this Google form.


  • The average of your team’s top 5 scores will determine your regular-season ranking. 
  • We’ll keep track of rankings on the website as we go, as well as an ongoing Top 20 list…if you missed it last week, we’ve got a top 20 posted now.  We’ll have a new one posted Saturday.  
  • After Week 7 of the regular season, the top 30 teams will earn a spot in SUMMER SLAM! on August 16th (see below). Week 8 will be a wild card week: the top 6 teams who haven’t earned an automatic bid will receive an at-large one.
  • Carl and I will host an occasional live show on Facebook on Sunday nights discussing our top teams and inviting some team members onto the show for interviews.
  • PRIZES will be given for various regular-season categories, including our top 4 regular season teams and some funky ones beyond just the top teams in the rankings.
  • SUMMER SLAM! will be a full 5-round quizzo event, featuring entertainment between rounds and CASH PRIZES- think Quizzo Bowl gone virtual. The winner receives the Cliver Cup (named after Andy of L Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics, who inspired this whole idea). And yes, we promise that Carl will run the tech.
  • Payment details:
    • You don’t have to pay all at once; just get us $100 by this Sunday and the rest by July 6th.
    • Of the $280, $20 will go to the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights campaign. If we get, for example, 50 teams, that’s $1000 for a terrific local charity.
    • If you play fewer than 7 times, we’ll send you back you back $35 per game fewer than 7. But you have to play 5 times to be eligible for the big event. 
    • There will be an extra buy-in to the ultimate SUMMER SLAM! event, hence the cash prizes.

And yes, all things SUMMER SLAM must be capitalized and said with enthusiasm. Otherwise, don’t say it at all. Hope to see you this summer!

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