SUMMER SLAM! Scores After Week 1

Here they are folks, our rankings after Week 1. Shout out to Expired Walmart Meat, the only team with a perfect score and the lead after one week. A few other things to note:

Average Tie-breaker differential is some crazy ass thing Carl came up with to be a tiebreaker in our standings. A 0% tiebreaker differential is the best you can get…it means you got the tiebreaker exactly right. So last week a few teams were right that Roy Sullivan got struck by lightning 7 times. On the opposite end of that spectrum, There’s No I guessed that he got struck 77 times, which I can’t stop laughing about.

One thing that you’ll see when you click on the standings is a team logo and a link to a bunch of the teams. That’s because most of the teams in our World Cup created team pages and logos. If you’re playing in the Summer Slam and wanna create a team page…great! Just create a logo (I find canva helpful) and send me an email at johnny at with your team bio. For an example, check out the Cracked Eggheads.

Alright, look forward to seeing you this week!

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