Huge Quizzo Weekend Coming Up!

Folks, we’re headed to one of the biggest weekends in quizzo history, with a championship game Saturday night, two Sunday quizzes, and sign ups for the Quizzo Cup. Here’s the lineup:

Friday Night: JGT Quizzo Hostess Erin hosts her own really fun Friday night quiz every week at 5:30 PM that includes a Family Feud round that my wife DOMINATED last week. See ya there!

Saturday Night Championship Game: The Synchronized Trampoline (Locust Rendezvous) and the Social Distance Warriors (O’Neals) are going head to head on Saturday night for the Tourney title, and you’re invited to attend. We’re going to be airing it live on the Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo Facebook Page at 8:30 on Saturday night (if the technology gods allow). And you’re welcome to play along from home! I’ll have details for how you can sign up for a scoresheet tmrw afternoon on the FB page, and Steve O of Lambda will be playing piano between rounds.

Sunday Night Quiz: We’ve got two chances to play on Zoom on Sunday night. We’re up to 23 teams so far, but do have room for a few more. You can sign up here, for teams of 2-8 players. It’s a fun twist on the regular quiz.

Quizzo Cup: We’re up 31 teams signed up for the Quizzo World Cup so far, and would love to get up to 48. We’re going to have a ton of fun with this thing. Stats, team badges, team logos, team uniforms. Let’s get as ridiculous as possible. Signs ups go until Sunday at 11:59.

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