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Hoooo my goodness, looks like it’s time for our first ever World Cup of Quizzo!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been having a blast exploring the new Virtual Quizzo world with you all, and your feedback has been overwhelmingly uplifting. So, as promised, we’re pleased to roll out our first official Virtual Quizzo “season”, starting Monday, May 4th. The league will be built World Cup-style- you register your team, and you’ll be randomly assigned to a Group with 3 other teams to start the season. Here’s the breakdown:

3-Week Regular Season (single-team format)

Each week your team will play in a single-team session where it’s just you and the host- the same format we’ve been doing every weeknight during this pandemic. You’ll be shooting for a high score as always, but you’ll also be playing “against” another team in your group, trying to rack up a strong win-loss-tie record in the Group Play standings.

Tournament Play (head-to-head format)

Depending on how many teams register, we’ll have at least one tournament bracket with seedings based on win-loss-tie records and total average scores. These games will be played in a head-to-head format using two breakout rooms in Zoom.

In summary, every team will play a minimum of 4 games- 3 regular season, and at least one tournament game. The deeper you go in the tourney, the better your value.

The Price: $160 per team. Yeah it’s slightly more than you’re paying for a quiz now (unless you advance in the tourney), but in return we’re going to add badges for accomplishments such as perfect rounds and high scores, create an overall Top 10 ranking system based on the numbers, and we’ll have some fun prizes and stuff to give away as well. You’ll also get to lock in your time for three weeks in a row instead of one.

(If you don’t wanna join the World Cup, rest assured…we will still be doing a la carte quizzes.)

Team Logo: If you are going to play, we’re going to request that you create a team logo. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I find Canva to be super user friendly for stuff like this.

Sign Up: To enter the World Cup, sign up here. To pay and lock in your slot, send $160 to @jgtquizzo on venmo or on Paypal.

We’ll be posting records, stats, and all sorts of team features & highlights throughout the season. And yes, we’ll have prizes for our top teams. Whether you’re competitive or just a casual quizzer, this is sure to be the highlight of your quarantine. Register now!

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