This Week’s Scores…and Standings

Ok, gang here are the scores for this week. As I said during the week, these will also act as seedings: starting this week we’re running a 48 team tournament. I’ve sent your captain an email so you can fill in your team slot. Any empty slots after 24 hours we’ll fill in with new teams.

If you didn’t play this past week, worry not: we’ll still have plenty of openings this coming week for regular quizzes. I’ll have slots posted Sunday at 3 pm. Here were our final standings last week:

1. It’s Raining Menehune51
2. Synchronized Trampoline50
T-2. Lamination Nation50
4. Look Up Look Down, I’m on a Tiger49
5. Zodiac Killer47
6. Sofa Kingdom45
T-6. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics45
T-6. Covid’s Metamorphoses45
9. Carole’s Husband44
T-9. Babysitters Fight Club44
T-9. Careless Fister44
T-9. Balls Hollywood44
T-9. Carole Fucking Baskin44
14. Cark in a Whig43
T-14. Non-Sporting Class43
T-14. Hallmark Hot43
T-14. Art’s Team43
T-14. OK Doomers43
19. FFSF42
T-19. Queefer Sutherland42
T-19. In The Lead (For Infections)42
22. Covideo Killed the Radio Quiz41
T-22. Not Last Place41
24. There’s No I In COVID40
T-24. Quick Question40
T-24. Underground Bard40
T-24. Tuesday Night Quarantine Quizzo Club40
28. Alone Together39
T-28. Lambda Lambda Lambda39
T-28. Cool Cats and Kittens39
31. QuizYo38
T-31. Going the Social Distance38
T-31. Testes Factory38
T-31. El Tigre38
35. 1666 and All That37
T-35. Encyclopedophiles37
T-35. Jan’s Exotics37
38. The Quarantiners36
T-38. Roosevelt Refugees36
T-38. Pop Fit Studio36
41. Meat Sweats35
42. Chasing Olive34
43. Jawn of the Dead33
T-43. Social Fistancers33
45. Below Basic32
46. The Tiger Queens29
T-47. Socially Distant28
T-47. The Non-Essentials28

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