Special Quiz Sunday at 7 PM!

Hey gang, we’ve been having a ton of fun over on Zoom with the quizzes these past few weeks. But that’s not the end all when it comes to online quizzing. I really want to try a number of online quizzes out. So tomorrow we’ll experiment with one on Facebook Live. Thanks to my buddy Noah at Big Quiz Thing, we’ll have a “virtual scoresheet” for this one as well. Here’s how it works:

Tomorrow afternoon I will give post an Event Key on the JGT Quizzo Page on Facebook. You will then go to playbigquiz.com and sign in. It’s pretty daggone user friendly. Then we’ll start the quiz at 7 pm. You can communicate with your teammates any way you want. I recommend zoom, but you can text them, call them, scream at them, whatever. We’ll do a round, you’ll have a couple of minutes to finalize your answers, then you’ll submit them and we’ll move to the next round. This is a beta test, it could be a train wreck, but what the hell, let’s play some quiz.

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