Virtual Quizzo Update

We tried the new online quizzo last night, and I think we may have changed the game…forever. It was a really cool experience. A bit of background: on Monday, Trivia Art, Boots Boccuti and a couple of other friends beta tested a bunch of concepts on Zoom. We were gonna do a head to head game, but Carl pushed really hard to keep it a team game, and it was ABSOLUTELY the right call. It was not only fun to host last night, it was already really nice to be a part of friends seeing each other and interacting with each other live on screen. It was also really amusing for me to see the process of teams answering the questions. We had three teams play last night. After making a few adjustments for point totals, here were the scores:

  • Boyz II Menehune 46
  • Social Distance Warriors 34
  • Jerry’s on the Mat 24
  • Testes Factory 15

We have three teams lined up for tonight. Same quiz, and we’ll add their scores to the mix, and tomorrow night’s teams, to determine a “champion” by the end of the week.

As far as sign-ups: I took the previous post down because I got a lot of sign ups and I need to get all of those folks locked in on the schedule before we add more. I will come back with a better layout for next week’s sign ups. I think next week, we’ll do 3 quizzes a night, Monday-Thursday, and I’ll have a calendar where you can sign up. I should have that up and operational by Friday.

I am also working on a Jeopardy style head to head game that I hope to be unveiling for next week. Gonna work on it over the weekend. I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, if anybody wants to just virtually hang out, we’re doing a nightly talk show now on The Philly Blunt on Facebook. Tonight we’ll be interviewing rock legend Kenn Kweder. We’ll be going live around 10 pm. Join us!

Thanks for everybody’s patience! I know this is a crazy time for everybody, myself included. And I’m making it up as I go. But let’s stick together, and do our best to take care of each other. Talk soon-JGT

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