March 19th Quizzo Update

Hey guys, did another round of quizzo last night, and we had a lot of fun once again. Had three new teams, giving up a total of 6 so far. The Specific Jawns (Boots Boccuti’s team) had a chance to take the lead but missed the final question despite kicking the right answer around. Ouch! Here’s our scores after two days:

  • Boyz II Menehune 46
  • Specific Jawns 41
  • Social Distance Warriors 34
  • Jawn of the Dead 24
  • Jerry’s on the Mat 24
  • Testes Factory 15

I have three more set up for tonight, and may try to add a 4th. Trying to get as many teams in as possible who signed up (ones I can’t get in this week I’ll definitely get in next week).

Still determining how to set up a schedule for next week. Probably going to have something up and running by the weekend. Really been awesome to do this so far. Great to see everybody, and it’s really cool to see friends seeing each other for the first time since our world’s got turned upside down, even if it is virtually. Talk soon! -JGT

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