Fastball Bob is Dead

Well folks, I’ve got some bad news to share: Fastball Bob Gutierrez passed away last night from a severe groin pull he suffered while sliding into third base alone at a neighborhood park. Well technically the groin pull didn’t kill him, but it rendered him immobile, and since he was wearing short-shorts in the dead of winter, he froze to death. The only bright spot is that we now know that there are a few more meaty fastballs being blasted over the clouds in heaven right now.

We’re going to press forward at Quizzo Bowl, of course. He’d have wanted the overpriced, fairly monotonous trivia contest to move forward without him. But we will be honoring his legacy early on in the performance. I’m just glad we’ll have a chance to mourn together. See you tomorrow at Quizzo Bowl XVI. (A few more tickets on sale here).

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