Quizzo Bowl Update

Ok, gang, so we’re 10 days away and things are starting to fall into place. Sort of. I’ve got our music round figured out, have almost locked in our wild card round (and it’s plenty wild) and am still trying to figure out what the hell we’re going to do with our video round. (We were supposed to shoot this past weekend but needless to say with the blizzard, that didn’t happen.)

Above is the promo video I put together for the event. And a quick reminder…in an effort to be as weird as possible this year, I am encouraging everyone to dress in 1970s gear. Best dressed team wins a $100 gift cert.

As far as tickets, they are moving fast. Do NOT assume I am holding some for you, even if you’re a regular. I will, however, have tickets for sale on me at quizzo tonight and tomorrow. So if you want to assure yourself a table, either come see me at quizzo or you can buy them here.

Most importantly, I really need a team to knock off Sofa Kingdom this year. Please. Make it happen. To get real time Quizzo Bowl Updates, please be sure to join the Quizzo Bowl Facebook page, which I will be updating almost daily between now and the big event.