Johnny Flamethrower is In the Buildin’!

Here’s our video round from Saturday night, hosted by that lovable scamp Johnny Flamethrower. Answers are after the jump:

1. The word for BBQ beef in Korean is a literal translation of “fire meat”. What is it?


2. In what state is Avery Brewing Company headquartered?


3. Chili con carne is the official state dish of what state?


4. The Irish word for bacon is a 7-letter term that ends in “s”. What is it?


5. What slow cooked French Casserole consists of white beans, sausage, duck, and greens?


6. Sardines are a member of what fish family, which are often salted, smoked, or pickled?


7. On which Mediterranean island did the cheese plate halloumi originate?


8. What animals were used historically to locate truffles in the forest?

Pigs (hogs)

9. Also known as salsa fresca, what salsa gets its name from the Spanish term for “rooster’s beak”?

pico de gallo

10. Fergie released her solo album in 2006. It had a royal title. What was it?

The Dutchess


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