A Quick Note on the Price of Quizzo Bowl


A few people who have attended the past several Quizzo Bowls at the World Cafe Live have been complaining that the ticket price to the event is too high this year. Assuming you spent $10 on a cab to get to World Cafe Live (cab ride will be free to this event*) and $15 on a meal at WCL (meal will be free on board the ship**), the cost of this year’s event is the exact same ($50 each). The major differences will be that the World Cafe Live did not float up and down the Delaware River and that there was no live music and comedy at previous afterparties. This is, quite simply, a better deal than I offered last year.

*courtesy of UBER. I will post the promo code to get your free ride here on the site later this week.

**food will include cheesesteaks, wings, pretzel bites, and ziti.


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