Your New Favorite Band, TJ Kong & the Atomic Bomb, Will Be Playing at Quizzo Bowl X

If there’s one thing to be said about Quizzo Bowl, it’s that I take the appointment of what band to pick pretty damn seriously. They have to set the tone for my biggest night of the year, they have to be creative, they have to be fun, and they have to be insanely talented. From Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers to Welcome to My Face, one of the things I’ve been proud of over these past ten years is that the music on the show has always been absolute Grade A. And seeing how this is the 10th Quizzo Bowl, the grandest of them all, it was imperative that I pick a band that could live up to my (and your) outsized expectations. I have done so. Those of you who have seen TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb will vouch for me here: this will be one of the most ass-kickin’, honkey tonkin’, jive-talkin’, tightrope walkin’ bands you will ever see in your life. I have already told the insurance company to be prepared because they may very well tear the roof off of the sucker. For those of you who will be seeing them for the first time, I’m just going to tell you this in advance: you’re welcome.

Screenshot 2014-01-29 at 3.33.05 PM

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