Jesters of Tortuga Win at Bards

First Place: Jesters of Tortuga 112

2nd Place: Go Ahead Hater 100

3rd Place: Ruby Tuesday 90

6 thoughts on “Jesters of Tortuga Win at Bards

  1. My goodness! What a nice picture of an Obama administration official!

    BTW, how’s that Hope and Change bullshit working out for you and PalestraJon and all your smug liberal Democratic friends these days, Johnny Goodtimes? Any second thoughts? Or are you and dear old PalestraJon still Obama apologists/lapdogs? Intelligent people revise their opinions in the light of new information. But then there are the Obama supporters. Just askin’, old buddy?

  2. Nothing to say, guys? Hey, I don’t blame you. If I had gone all in for the Chicago Messiah and all that hopeychanger nonsense like you saps did, I’d be pretty embarrassed about it at this point also.
    Thanks to low information voters such as yourselves, we are now saddled with the corrupt and lawless Obama administration, a collection of thugs who have trashed the constitution and waged war against the citizens of this country with their illegal actions. Thanks for screwing up my country, guys.

  3. I didn’t realize that the Patriot Act was instituted under Obama. And let me guess: you were all for it when Bush was in office, but now that Obama is in charge, you think the Patriot Act is an affront to the Constitution? I’m against shit like that regardless who is in office. I thought it was a disgrace under Bush and I still think it is one. I think Snowden is a hero, and am glad that Obama has taken such a huge hit on this.

    I still think Obama is better than a McCain/Palin ticket, and quite frankly Mitt Romney is one of the worst candidates either political party has ever had run for President. Yeah, I’m not real crazy about Obama, but he’s better than Bush and anyone the Republicans have put up against him (damning with faint praise). That said, i will acknowledge that after Bush and Obama I no longer have hope that our Presidents can or will lead effectively. They are puppets for larger interests, and those interests aren’t ours.

    1. You forgot a few things there, Goodtimes: lying to the American people about Benghazi; using the IRS, EPA, Department of Justice and numerous other federal agencies to harass and intimidate political opponents; who just happen to also be American citizens. And Bush didn’t target his an political opponents for audits and other harassment– one of the articles of impeachment against Richard M. Nixon, incidentally. He also didn’t use the DoJ to spy on news reporters, or have the NSA collect data on ordinary Americans without cause.. He didn’t tell serial lies to the American people. His Attorney General, Secretary of State (Clinton) and Director of Intelligence didn’t commit perjury by lying to Congress under oath, and if they had done so, they certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to remain in their positions. But then what do a few lies matter to this serial liar? And, yes, Bush started the Patrot Act, which Obama incidentally denounced at great length before he was elected, and then hypocritically expanded , put it on steroids so to speak, and moreover then lied about it. The Patriot Act, moreover, decidedly does not contain any provisions for the wholeale collection of data on American citizens and for spying on them without cause for political reasons. . Don’t blame the Patriot Act for the abuses and unlawful behavior of this thoroughly corrupt and lawless bunch of thugs, Goodtimes. The Patriot Act doesn’t really enter into it, and that continuing bullshit excuse that it’s all Bush’s fault really isn’t going to cut it any more.
      But, as your reply makes clear, dear Johnny Goodtimes, you’re still drinking that hopeychanger koolaid. complaining about imaginary Bush abuses and the even more imaginary failings of Romney, and ignoring and making excuses for very real Obama abusive and illegal behavior and very real violations of the constitution and bill of rights. Time for all the hopeychanger lapdogs to circle the wagons and defend the Chicago Messiah and come to the aid of the party. And thanks for again for being a deluded low information voter, electing and then reelecting probably the most corrupt and lawless president in living memory and altogether doing a really good job of fucking up my country.

    1. More to the point, Obama has pulled a major “Hannity.” Or hadn’t you noticed? Since he originally denounced the Patriot Act, and then greatly increased surveillance, well beyond the scope of that legislation, you might say he pulled a Hannity squared or maybe cubed.

      And all the Democratic simpletons such as yourself who regularly denounced Bush as Hitler and accused him of “trashing” the constitution,” and now parrot Democratic talking points and ignore a president and administration who have regularly violated the law and who have really trashed our bill of rights, are pulling a serious Hannity yourselves.

      Keep drinking that hopeychanger koolaid, Goodtimes, and keep parroting those Democratic talking points. You call yourself an independent and pretend to be non-partisan, but it seems that you can always be depended on to channel the current Democratic spin.

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