Congratulations Nate. I Suppose.

You guys aren’t going to want to hear this any more than I want to tell it to you. The guy who won the JGT BRacket-tacular, Nate, is a member of Steak Em Up (aka the Jesters of Tortuga). I kid you not. So yeah, the guy who has more City Tap House gift certificates than anyone else on earth just earned another one. Very upsetting. Alright, so here was the final breakdown.

  1. Nate D
  2. Jon B
  3. Road Warrior
  4. CDub
  5. Rich B
  6. Chip Chantry, who I’d like to remind you knows nothing about basketball, finished 6th. I, a huge basketball fan, finished 82nd. There is no God.
  7. Aaron Hertzog. Would have won if any of the 3 teams in the Final 4 other than Louisville took it.
  8. Iceman
  9. Michael’s Rad Bracket
  10. Raymond Rad bracket. Back to back “Rad brackets”. Pretty Rad.

As for 50th place, which earned a $50 gift cert, it went to Alex. To get your gift cert, just shoot me a line (johnny @ and let me know when you want to meet up.

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