Quizzo Bowl 8 Round One Questions

After 12 months of pleading from Steve-O, I am finally going to release some of last year’s Quizzo Bowl questions. Here is round one.

1. What did French refugees arriving from the ongoing Haitian Revolution bring with them in the summer of 1793, killing over 4000 people?

2. Two members of N’Sync were on the Mickey Mouse Club. One was Justin Timberlake. Who was the other one?

3. On February 18th, 1861, who was inaugurated as President of the Confederacy?

4. The DEA training academy and the FBI Academy are both found in a VA town with a population of 561 that is surrounded by an enormous Marine Corps Base. What is it?

5. The only NFL player to win 3 straight super bowls was the son of a boxer who broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw. Who was he?

6. This artist was born in 1898, died at age 98, and was known for her extreme closeups of flowers.

7. Perhaps the biggest teen film star of the mid-1980s, she now stars on an ABC Family show called The Secret Life of an American Teenager.

8. When a rapper talks about how expensive his whip is, what is he referring to?

9. (Double) Whose gravestone in Maui reads, “If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea…” Hint: he died in 1974.

10. At what temperature do Celsius and Fahrenheit converge?

1. Yellow Fever

2. JC Chavez

3. Jefferson Davis

4. Quantico

5. Ken Norton, Sr.

6. Georgia O’Keefe

7. Molly Ringwald

8. His car

9. Charles Lindbergh

10. -40

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