Power Rankings 2/6

There are only through the end of last week, and don’t include this week’s Monday and Tuesday quizzes.

1. Steak Em Up. Yeah. Last week: #1

2. Duane’s World. 6 wins in a row at the Sheep. ¬†Last week: #2

3. Savage Ear. A score of 114 gets them a 3rd straight win at O’Neals. Last week: #3

4. The Jams. Move back up the board with a win on Wednesday. Last week: #8

5. Tempura House. 13 point win at North Star gets the House in the Top 5. Last week: #11

6. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Finally get back in the Top 10 with a thrilling 110-109 win over Ruby Tuesday at the UA. Last week: #14

7. Sidecardigans. Finish out of the Top 3 on the Sidecar, then head over to Black Sheep to hold their spot in the Top 10. A 3rd place finish there keeps them in the mix. Last week: #6

8. Beast of the SPLC. A big win at a packed Sidecar gets this team into the Top 10. Last week: NR

9. Why Can’t Us? Hot streak finally comes to an end Thursday. Last week: #3

10. Juanny Badtimes. A win at the Bards on Thursday get Badtimes into the Top 10 for the first time. And with Steak Em Up out of town this THursday, they might be able to make it two in a row. Last week: NR

11. Ruby Tuesday

12. FFSF.

13. Clown Question Bro.

14. Mysterious Mr. Mapother.

15. Blazing Sea Nuggets.

16.Sharks With Lasers. Pew! Pew!

17. Awesome Deuche Nozzles.

18. Underground Bard.

19. Fellowship of the NUVA Ring.

20. 1022

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