Greatest Source Ever?

So I was looking into whether or not it’s true that apples, potatoes, and onions all have the same taste, and that the only way we perceive a difference is their smell. Against my better judgement, I looked into what Yahoo! Answers said, since they never fail to give the absolute worst answers to everything.

In answer to the question of them having the same taste, here was the answer from Senthil R: Not exactly. but yes will have a small difference. Onion’s taste will not be the onion taste when you are unable to smell it, but still you can make out the difference.

Ok, so apparently there is a slight difference in taste between the three. Well, how is Senthil privy to this information? Under “sources”, it reads: My friend lost his smelling sensors when he had a head surgery.

You can read the whole thing here.

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