Sports Quizzo Sunday!

The Eagles season is a train wreck, Bynum is hurt, the Phillies can’t land any free agents, and the Flyers aren’t even playing. But in a desperate effort to raise the spirits of Philly sports fans before the end of the year, Pat Gallen of the excellent blog Phillies Nation and I are hosting an All-Sports quizzo this Sunday. Action will start at the Field House at 6:30 p.m. Gonna have some great beer specials, great trivia questions, and awesome prizes to give away. Here some FAQs below about the event.

Is this Philly sports, or all sports? This will be an All-Sports quiz, though there will be on local sports round. Primarily focused on the Big Three sports (thanks to the strike, we’re no longer including hockey as a major sport). But yes, there will be a few questions on hockey, boxing, tennis, etc., but the quiz will be primarily on baseball, basketball, and football.

What time does it start? Starts at 6:30 p.m. at the Field House (1150 Filbert Street).

Can I still watch the evening NFL games there? Absolutely, we’ll have the upstairs to ourselves and there are plenty of TVs up there.

Isn’t the Field House a place for people whose biggest dream in life is to high-five Paulie Dee? Nope, totally different now. They recently got a great chef and Andy from City Tap in charge of their beer list. 60 great beers on draft.

Will there be food and drink specials? Yes. $5 hummus and $5 bacon fat popcorn. As for drink specials, we’ll have $4 Troegs pints in plenty of different flavors.

What do the winners get? Winners get 4 tickets to a Phillies game next year with limo service to and from the game. We will also have gift cards to give away to both Public House and City Tap House.

How many players to a team? Up to 4 players per team.

Does it cost anything to play? Nope.

Do you like the Michael Young signing? Not really. Not sure the team really needed another over-the-hill infielder.


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