Yes Quizzo Is On For Tonight at Sidecar (Not at North Star)

I take my job as quizzo host (somewhat) seriously. Yes, it is a ridiculous job, but it’s my job, and I think being the best in my field is important to me. Therefore, I stay sober throughout all of my quizzes, because I am a professional. However, once winds reach hurricane level I lose all pretentions of professionalism and begin drinking heavily. Yeah I’ll ask you some trivia questions tonight, but don’t expect me to be particularly sober.

Also, please do NOT come to quizzo tonight unless you live in the Graduate Hospital area. Things on the roads are going to be insane tonight. DO NOT DRIVE TONIGHT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I really, really appreciate the dedication of you nerds to my quiz. It’s awesome. But tonight’s not the night to prove what a geek you are unless you live within walking distance of Sidecar.

The only reason I agreed to do this is because I know there are a lot of people like me who turn into Jack in The Shining if they get cooped up inside too long, and since Sidecar is in my neighborhood, I can walk there. Quizzo at North Star is cancelled. So if you are in G-Ho, come hang out. If not, you can still get your quizzo fix. Here’s a ton of questions from past quizzes to help you pass the time until the electricity goes out and chaos descends upon the land. Oh, and all questions will be hurricane or Halloween related.

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