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Here’s a few things on the web from me and some of our internet friends.

Here’s my latest in Philly Mag, where I talk to some local comedians about how they handle hecklers, and what they thought about the Daniel Tosh incident.

Timaree had quite a few things to write about Tosh on her always entertaining Sex with Timaree blog. I don’t agree with all of them, but they definitely opened my eyes to a lot of angles to this story I had not considered before.

In sports, I wrote a pretty cool piece about Frank “Home Run” Baker’s holdout in 1915, and how that 1915 A’s team compares to this year’s Phils. And here’s some very cool Shibe Park stuff, including a By Saam radio call of Dick Allen’s first game back at the Shibe. You think Phillie fans booed Jayson Werth? You should hear them go to town on Allen.

D-Mac had an entertaining piece in the Post this week about t-shirts on the Wildwood boardwalk.



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